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- Winter Time

Winter Time   |   January 06 2015

Its been a while since I have checked in with everyone…..sorry about that i have been in the duck blind for the last several months.Finally gout out and it was back to the same ole pattern “Whackin’ em & Stackin’ em”! Our winter hasnt been much of a winter but the fish are eating like […]

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- Don't Strip, See You Next Fall!

Don’t Strip, See You Next Fall!   |   October 31 2014

The end of Fall is approaching and the fishing just gets better and better. Lots of red fish beginning to make their way into back bays and shallower water. The water is clearing up as well making it easier to sight fish snook and reds on the flats. Tarpon is slowing down but we are […]

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- Reds Galore

Reds Galore   |   September 03 2014

The dog days of summer have really been hot this year, even hotter than I can remember in the past. This brutal weather keeps the fish in deeper water and off the flats for the most part. Its tough fishing right now and a day in the Florida sun seems as long as a week. […]

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- Been Gettin Poon All Summer Long

Been Gettin Poon All Summer Long   |   August 01 2014

Tarpon have been strong this year. We still have two more months of solid Tarpon fishing before it begins to dwindle down.  Right now fish have left the beach and the one that have decided to stick around are getting ready to head to their summer homes…..wherever they may be :) Some come on and […]

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- Nature Coast Tarpon

Nature Coast Tarpon   |   June 16 2014

Homosassa Tarpon fishing is the best i have seen it in about 5 years now. Weather and water clarity have been amazing. Fish are migrating slowing northward and eating everything you can get in front of their face. Black and pruple in the morning has been the ticket.  I had the pleasure of fishing with […]

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