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- Old Florida Poons

Old Florida Poons   |   June 11 2015

There’s really not much to be said on this one. Tarpon are literally EVERYWHERE! I have two living in my backyard that keep getting into the trash cans at night.

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A fisherman holding the head of a large Homosassa Tarpon

Poon City   |   June 03 2015

So far it has been a great season! The entire west coast has been invaded with these slimy bastards. We started the season out early in the Everglades catching laid-up fish my buddy Reeves Carlisle. We worked our way up the coast to Sanibel and Boca Grande fishing migratory fish and a few stragglers inside. […]

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- Spring is Officially Here!

Spring is Officially Here!   |   March 24 2015

Red fishing has been steady throughout the winter and into the spring. Unfortunately for me, redfish has come to an end…. Now it’s onto Tarpon! The light winter and warm weather has kicked off an early Tarpon season. Fish are in the Tampa Bay already and they are eating everything. Live-baiters are catching them at […]

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- Bird-Man Fly In Any Weather

Bird-Man Fly In Any Weather   |   March 03 2015

We haven’t had much of a winter this year which has had the fish kinda out of their element. Fish that are in the right place have been unusually hard to catch due to fluctuating Heather patterns and sudden barometer changes. fish that usually very easy to catch have been finicky to say the least. […]

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- Winter Time

Winter Time   |   January 06 2015

Its been a while since I have checked in with everyone…..sorry about that i have been in the duck blind for the last several months.Finally gout out and it was back to the same ole pattern “Whackin’ em & Stackin’ em”! Our winter hasnt been much of a winter but the fish are eating like […]

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