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- Gotta Save Dat Money

Gotta Save Dat Money   |   October 06 2015

Believe it or not its starting to cool down a little bit. Reds and getting easy and Tarpon is getting a little tough (still around though).  Big redfish school are all over the place and they are PIGS! Fishing should be great for the next two months, lets go get em.

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- Boom SLAM!

Boom SLAM!   |   September 03 2015

Old South Poon Hunters at it again. We are crushing the Tarpon in the late season. Catching fish from 5-150lbs everyday we are on the water. We are catching them on both fly and spin gear throwing Hogy baits. When were not poon fishing we are wearing out the snook and redfish. Last weekend we had […]

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- Late Season Is Here

Late Season Is Here   |   July 14 2015

My actual favorite time to catch Tarpon is July – October. The fish that have decided to stick around for the long haul are making the transition towards the river mouth and have settled into a little deeper water. This makes the fish a lot more relaxed and willing to eat. The pressure from the […]

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- Old Florida Poons

Old Florida Poons   |   June 11 2015

There’s really not much to be said on this one. Tarpon are literally EVERYWHERE! I have two living in my backyard that keep getting into the trash cans at night.

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A fisherman holding the head of a large Homosassa Tarpon

Poon City   |   June 03 2015

So far it has been a great season! The entire west coast has been invaded with these slimy bastards. We started the season out early in the Everglades catching laid-up fish my buddy Reeves Carlisle. We worked our way up the coast to Sanibel and Boca Grande fishing migratory fish and a few stragglers inside. […]

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