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- Cold Weather, More Ducks!

Cold Weather, More Ducks!   |   January 12 2018

Red Heads are about as good as it gets this year. If you are looking for that trophy wall hanger now is the time. This next front should push some better birds down our way and make for a great rest of the season. If you have never had the chance to experience the beautiful […]

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- Heavy Straps

Heavy Straps   |   December 08 2017

First phase was pretty killer to say the least. Most mornings we were dumping our guns every 10 minutes to keep up with ducks working our decoys. Because of the high pressure on the notorious “diver-duck” lakes in Florida we concentrated mostly on hunting “puddle-ducks” this time around. Although the divers were very abundant, the […]

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- Tailing Reds for Days

Tailing Reds for Days   |   November 28 2017

Sight fishing redfish has been absolutely excellent. Anglers are getting as many as 30 shots a day. Many of then have been tailing especially on the lower tides. Duck season is now upon us and the duck are here! Now booking duck and redfish trips for all of December. Come get some!!  

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A great sized tarpon being held up by a fisherman in homosassa

Tarpon, Redfish & Snook on FIRE!!   |   October 02 2017

Fishing is as good as it gets! Reds, Snook and Tarpon are chewing every day. The inshore slam is as possible as it ever is here in the back country of Homosassa. Come catch the Homosassa slam on fly or spin this October.

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A duck harvested in Hmosassa

Teal & Woodduck Early Season   |   September 24 2017

Early Teal & Woodduck season ends today. The Wooducks were plentiful but we did struggle with the Teal, only shooting a 1/2 dozen or so. While I’d like to blame Hurricane Irma and the unusually high water for the lack of Teal in the Florida marshes, at the end of the day I just think […]

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