July 6, 2018

Backwater Fishing Basics in Homosassa

homosassa fishing for redfish

Florida’s Emerald Coast is home to premier Backwater Fishing. Backwater anglers cast into glass-like waters from atop a shallow draft boat often referred to as a poling skiff. Homosassa, pronounced home-uh-SASS-uh, is Florida’s most sought-after Backwater Fishing destination. The region’s skinny waters will surprise the angler with fat fish. Moreover, the region is renowned for the West Indian Manatee, scalloping, and even the rare American Crocodile. Read more

June 13, 2018

Tarpon Fishing in Florida

Florida Tarpon Fishing

Florida is a paradise for anglers, especially those who want to reel-in Tarpon. Tarpon, Megalops Atlanticus in Latin, is easily recognized by their silver sides and belly, green or metallic-blue body, trailed dorsal fin and size. This majestic fish is dubbed the Silver King due to its size and shimmering silver color. Read more

May 11, 2018

Homosassa Tarpon Fishing | A Hidden Gem

an angler with a tarpon that was just caught in Homosassa, Florida

Tarpon Fishing Season in Florida

As the weather warms up going into late spring, Florida anglers from nearly every coast begin to gear up for Tarpon fishing season. With places like Boca Grande, Tampa, and Key West at the center of most anglers attention, many places in Florida are left alone for anglers to enjoy the same great fishing – without having to sit shoulder to shoulder with other boats. One of these amazing fisheries is nestled along the state’s Nature Coast. Some of the best Tarpon fishing can be found, right here, in Homosassa. Read more

March 2, 2018

Homosassa Fishing: Ring in Spring 2018

angler with a homosassa redfish in spring

With winter coming to an end, Florida’s version of cabin fever does as well. Though we admittedly love winter for the waterfowl hunting, our true passion lies in the fly and light tackle fishing action that this place is known for. Though good all year, spring and summer bring us aggressive and large sized fish to target. This year, we are already seeing an awesome bite – but everything will only get better.  Read more

November 24, 2017

The Beating Heart of the Nature Coast

news - The Beating Heart of the Nature Coast

At the heart of Florida’s “Nature Coast”, over 50 first magnitude springs provide a continuous flow of clean, 72 degree freshwater to the King’s and Homosassa Bay areas, located between the Crystal and Homosassa Rivers. This ecological gem along the Gulf Coast boasts a thriving diversity of exotic tropical creatures and is the perhaps the best location in all of Florida to view manatees at home in the wild. For those who prefer a paddle to a hiking stick when wandering, this outstanding labyrinth of fresh and brackish waterways provides some of the most spectacular sights for kayakers and canoeists of anywhere in America. Read more